Monday, November 12, 2012

MSM - Sabbath

One byproduct of our lives right now is that Sundays have become hectic. The reasons are all good, but gone are the days of lazy lunches and afternoon naps. It's tricky to mourn the loss of a restful Sabbath when the heart behind it is Christ. We feel the gain, but loss is still loss.

So we take our Sabbaths when they come.

Tonight was set aside for service, but we subbed in Sabbath, the kind with homemade tomato soup, grilled cheese on the good bread with muenster and cheddar, peanut butter cake. We stayed in our socks, read books, did math. Baths weren't rushed. Scrubbed cheeks were extra-smooched.

This is the way He loves us today.


  1. sounds like heaven to me

    you're a good mama fpfg

  2. You had me at peanut butter cake. This is the way He loves us <3 Love reading your thoughts!

  3. I had a cheese sandwich and tomato soup today for lunch too. But the icky kind from the can. How do you make your homemade kind? Sounds delicious :) as does your Sabbath day Monday.

  4. Yes to the Sabbath. And who could resist those cheeks?! Not me, for sure. Save me some peanut butter cake, please...

  5. Good thing we don't HAVE to observe Sabbath on Sundays. ;) Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  6. Your posts make me smile. Your heart inspires me to be better. I see Christ in you every time you share. I am so happy to be here!


  7. i took a rest today as well...all afternoon and evening. I made shrimp and grits in the crock pot, but homemade tomato soup sounds YUMMY! (I read an entire book! It was wonderful!)

  8. FPFG, your kiddos are too cute for words, what little darlings. I think we all need more Sabbaths, intention to rest!

    Could you please share your soup recipe?? Sounds delicious :).

  9. I love Sabbaths but for some reason the laundry explodes over the ONE DAY I don't do it. Is God testing me? Perhaps there should be peanut butter cake in my day of rest because as my friend likes to say, "God is in the sauce"! You do it right yo.


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