Monday, December 17, 2012

MSM - First Smile of the Day

Big Buddy was home from school today with a mouth full of canker sores (a side effect of a new med) and general, "I'm not feeling myself today." He has hardly spoken or eaten all week long.

We spent 5 hours this morning getting from home to the doctor and back again.
There were 2 needles.
There were tears.

Fast forward to 2:32. Sister came home from school and commenced with stuffed animal potty jokes. Her specialty!

Calvin: "Mommy, I feel so much happier now that Ruby came back! She's the best sister ever. She always cheers me up. I would never want a different girl than this girl."

The codeine may have helped, but I'm putting my money, as always and forevermore, on our Girl.


  1. sweet sweet sissy!!
    best medicine ever!

  2. I've never been given a gift more precious than that of my brother. Sibling relationships are so special.

  3. Love that flashy smile. Love the Scentsy Buddies going with the flow. Love the blue quilt. Love that your Girl came home and all was right with the world. Another great MSM for the books!

    1. They were passing those Scentsy Buddies out at the hospital today like candy! All 3 of my kids scored one.

  4. So sweet. Love that photo of him.

  5. First off, I am so off because I thought you missed MSM yesterday. Lol. Second, I'm on codeine too tonight! ( it's in the cough syrup.) Loved this MSM. So super cute.

  6. smiles.
    thankful moments from pain and sorrow.
    there is joy. there is joy.
    god bless potty talk.

  7. I don't know if this will help because of the medication, but I am very prone to canker soars (not from medication), and if I use SLS free toothpaste it really helps! I use it all the time now. The SLS is what makes the bubbles, so you don't have that, but you get use to it! It is hard to find SLS free toothpaste with fluoride in it, but you can online. My dentist husband would not have it any other way! I order mine at O use to find it at Target in the Tom's of Maine brand, but they don't have the kind with fluoride any more. At least not in my neck of the woods!

    Don't think I'm some weirdo commenting. I've read your blog for a while. We went through a huge life changing move about the same time as you did! God led us on our path too, and not many people understood. We are good and happy though, and our 4 now 5 kids have adjusted beautifully! Yes we were blessed with a bonus baby right after the move.

    Ok, now I'm the weird rambling commentor! Any way, try the tooth paste! Let me know what you think. clintblake at yahoo dot com.

  8. Well, once again I'm pretty much a cheater cheater pumpkin eater.

    I was going to post just ONE money shot earlier today... but then I didn't think you were doing the link up... guess I checked too early. Anyway, so I posted a LOT of photos instead :) And I'll call the 10th one my MSM. Is that legit?

    Thankful your girl could make Big Buddy's sunshine. What a blessing children are.

  9. There is no comfort like sibling comfort! I love this picture so much :) I'm praying for you, and for Calvin, and for the rest of your sweet family tonight Shannan...

  10. Oh, the joy that a potty joke can bring. This makes me smile. :-) Thanks for that.

  11. Love that Ruby. I get canker sores too. What has helped me tremendously is taking a lysine supplement. Not sure if he can do that with his meds, but it's worth checking into.

  12. L.O.V.E. This! Thank you for sharing your family!

  13. All four of my girls are amazing but my 11 year old Emma.....she definitely lights up the room...she changes the mood....she makes everyone laugh....she prides herself on making everyone feel good....I know the Power of the Ruby. I live it everyday....Hope your little man feels better soon... :-)

  14. Poor little guy. How lucky he is to have such a special sister!!

  15. I used to get canker sores a lot when I was little - poor guy! I love that he has someone like Ruby to entertain him. I had one of those sisters too. She still entertains :)

  16. that photo says sooo much!
    Allison x

  17. " sister ever."
    Warms the heart.


  18. You know I've been all hopped up on Christmas and then low and behold we got a serious flu bug that's wormed it's way through our house! My folks came this week for a visit, though, which was the cheeriest thing we could have wished for. And so long story short (too late!) I have my money shot from Monday and I'm determinted (that was a typo, but I kind of like it.) yes, determinted to post mine before Friday.

    Calvin would never want another girl...that is just the sweetest thing. LOVE!

  19. Poor little man, I have lupus and mouth lesions too. Auto-immune disorders seem to encourage them :-(. After years of searching, swishing peroxide in my mouth a few times a day helps more than anything. I am unsure if Calvin can manage this procedure, but it might be worth trying. I'm praying for your sweet boy. Hedy King

  20. Sweet Calvin, I sure hope he is feeling better.

  21. That is downright PRECIOUS. <3 those moments :)

  22. I hope in due time he starts to call her "SISSSSSSAY" and that in itself will bring many more smiles to our Big C's face.
    PS. I miss you all like mad this Christmas and wish I could be wrapped in the blue quilt having slumber parties with my kiddos (a good night with Auntie Keisha is all he needs)and making homemade Carmel corn and layer chip dig along with homemade salsa with extra garlic- better yet La Fiesta and I'd get some kimchee for the boys ;) xoxo lil sis


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