Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our Bathroom Christmas "Mantel"

Have you seen The Lettered Cottage Christmas mantel link-up? Holy 400+ links!
Serious mantelpalooza happening over there. Lots of drooly inspiration. (Like this.)

But I couldn't link up. Cause I ain't got no mantel.

No, I ain't got no mantel
No mantel, no fireplace, no mantel to care for me
I'm so sad and lonely
Sad and lonely, sad and lonely
Won't some sweet mantel come and take a chance with me

Cause I ain't so bad
Sad and lonesome all the time
Even on the beat, on the, on the beat

I ain't got no mantel
No mantel, no fireplace, no mantel to care for me

Baby I need some mantel love

Or do I?

I've had this fetching vintage drawer burning a hole in my bathroom. It was salvaged years ago from Larry's barn and loved back to life just in time to save me from my mantel coveting.

I wish I could tell you I meticulously planned its Christmas debut, but we both know that's not true.

And I love it.

I love it, in all its chippy, green, cheery perfection.

I love it next to the striped shower curtain.

After all, why should the living rooms get all the attention?

Show offs.

The Lettered Cottage


  1. Chippy green perfection for sure : )
    I love, love, LOVE it!
    You always make me smile!

  2. Sister, you better make sure that thing is securely attached to the wall because if I ever make it up there, I'm takin' it home with me! :-D

  3. i need your mantel song on my half-marathon training playlist. and i like your drawer. i really was so tempted to "accidentally" say drawers. because i'm like four years old.

  4. *sigh* chippy green paint.
    As if you weren't perfect enough already...

  5. You are too cute and so is your chippy green shelf!

  6. Swooniest! You do my dad proud! He would have so loved it.

  7. Swooniest! You do my dad proud! He would have so loved it.

  8. Oh, so sad. Me, too!! No mantel to love me. But I have a hutch and a buffet or two and they are decorated to the max for the holidays. Give us mantel-less ones some love!!

    Love your post and your little green treasure!

  9. Mantel in the bathroom. Gotta love it! I have a big, blank wall in my bathroom. Now if I could only find an old drawer...

  10. Perfect! I'd take that over a great mantel any day. Mantels are so expected.

    And I love the song too.

  11. Love it :-) also, that is my favorite mantel too. Obsessed.

  12. You've got a gift. Seriously.

    1. She sure has. Hands down, no questions asked. Quite disturbing. HAHA

  13. I adore this. Such chippy goodness! Who needs a mantle? Considering I'm currently spending oodles of time in our bathroom at night nursing my new baby I can only wish I had a shelf so lovely to gaze at! :) where did you find the clean letters? They are my favorite part. I love a good set of Typography. :)

  14. I love your chippy green shelf..who needs a mantle?

  15. Wha-wha-whaaaaaaaat??? You live in the Midwest--in Indiana, for the love of cats!!!--and you don't have a mantel!!!!??? Blasphemy!

  16. Cute! It's not everyday you sing yourself through a post.


  17. Lovely "mantel" display. Lovely tune. Lovely post!

    I'm sure it makes everyone smile when they're in the room.

  18. Very cute! I love this and the colour is perfect!

  19. So cute, if it comes up missing check my house first, okay? Haha, just kidding, but really I do love it so very much! Mary

  20. who needs a mantel when you have a cute chippy green drawer/shelf like that?? He's perfect!!!! I love your "CLEAN" letters- so perfect!! I can't wait to see the rest of your home - you're killin me with this slow stuff :)

  21. This is my favorite decorating idea I've seen in forever!!!! I love this idea!!!!!!! I love everything about this!!!!!

  22. So gorgeous! I would have missed this drawer's potential altogether. Come shopping with me? Please?!

  23. Love it! And I love that we're both obsessed with Tiffini's O Come Mantel. :)

  24. You are hilarious. Amen.

    And please mail that to me ASAP. Amen.

    And give my Siley a squeeze. Amen.


  25. Would you consider adding freaky baby wreath to this display?

    Chew on it.

  26. I got a cute video a toddler sent me on my phone in which she sings, "no friends, no company, I'm so sad..." Your song reminded me of her!
    I love your replacement for a mantle and the collection within.
    A little larger pic with the striped curtain would have been okay, too ;)

  27. Yes, I think a chippy green drawer/shelf wins hands down!! Very jealous of said green chippy shelf!

  28. loving your chippy green fantle. you know that's what nester calls a fake mantle.

    sweet shout out for tiffini.


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