Friday, February 1, 2013

The Love Story of CMB + FPFG

Guess what? It's February!

Bring on the hearts, baby.

I'm telling our love story today over at Danielle Burkleo's beautiful place, Take Heart. I'm sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Want to read it for yourself? Click here.


  1. Beautiful story Shannan :) Makes me want to go hug my man, remembering to be thankful for the ups and downs we've grown through.

  2. Love to have "discovered" you and yet known you for a long time. You are making me laugh out loud at work and tear up - sometimes on the same day! Loving you -

  3. That was beautiful!!!

    Love is forever.


  4. So i stopped by Danielle's blog and was happy to see she's doing her love series again. And after reading your story, I had to come to your blog to read about you. And let me tell you lady, I love you. Which may sound really weird but i really do. I love your life too. sitting here typing in my comfy little life with 3 kids and no big kids that have their own babies, i can honestly say it scares me. but there is also this very huge part of me that WANTS all that. all of it. for real. you are lovely. just wanted to say it.

  5. Oh I just love a good love story. A real love story.

  6. You're already hopped up on February and it's only the 1st! Ha! It's contagious, just so you know, so I'm totally on board.

    Your wedding picture is gorgeous! Love the church...amazing! And the couple, too.

    Happy February!

  7. Shannon, look what would not have happened if you two would not have tried to work it out. A beautiful family and Gods mission to boot. Your blogs Esther want to make me cry laugh or pray. Keep up your love for your Corie. We have made it to fifty five years,, you can to and what stories you'll have to tell your grand babies. Ann S.

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  9. What a beautiful story. And then I clicked on the big adoption series and read chapter 1 to 19 in pretty much one sitting. I've read a lot of your blog and never seen any of those before - even clicking on the side adoption logo thingy previously, since I was really curious how your family came to be, so through my tears for your story, can you please make that adoption link have the whole series somehow? And while I'm asking, can you also link within each chapter at the bottom where it says "tune in next week for chapter..." to the actual chapter, since I had to keep searching to find the next chapter. I know, I'm silly for asking that... but the anticipation was killing me! AND (i'm on a roll here) after chapter 19 it said stay tuned for chapter 20 and I searched and searched and THERE WAS NO CHAPTER 20! I feel slightly ripped off :) In a good way of course.

  10. Shannan, I don't remember when I found your FPFG blog, but I look forward to your openness, your honesty, the incredible things that happen in your life. You challenge me almost daily. Keep the honesty coming... and is Robert?

  11. I must have a picture of the babies for my refrigerator.
    I knew from the day we met Cor, HE WAS THE ONE!! I wish everyone could have a son in-law like him. He makes Dad and my days so filled with laughter, even when he isn't here. But he could have smiled a little for the photo op couldn't he???

  12. I just love how you write. What a great love story. I want one just like it!

  13. Any life worth living is worth the effort ... our individual lives and our couple lives and our parenting lives ... all take work and tears and dedication. My motto: Dream big ... and then get to work!

    Barb @

  14. Fantastic love story. You two are so cute together!

    Now, about those babies...they are soooooooo cute!!! I can't work out who's luckier to have who in their lives, you or them.


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  17. must be something about a two tone ring and redemption story... sounds oddly familiar to my marriage. loved reading your guest post Shannan <3 Mandy


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