I'm an ordinary girl who searches for and finds beauty in the everyday. I'm wife to Cory, who thinks all of my jokes are funny, and Mama to Robert, Calvin, Ruby and Silas, who came to us across rivers, oceans, and the other side of the tracks.

On the heels of a God-sized life-wrecking, we left our dream farmhouse behind to embark on a fresh adventure in the city. We may have traded quiet days down an idyllic lane for rowdy evenings at the neighborhood park and visits to the county jail, but life remains a heaped-up pile of blessings and I will forever be a Farmgirl at heart.

Swoony Things:

* Chips and salsa

* A tall stack of books on my nightstand

* Dirt under my fingernails

* Flour on my jeans

* Pint-sized belly giggles

* The thrill of the flea

* Dessert Cereal (think Cookie Crisp or Cinnamon Toast Crunch)

* Pants that fit

* Valentine's Day!

* Sleeping in

* Binge-watching tv shows with Cory
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